My name is Sierra Hall.  I'm the owner of Santa Paula Trading Co. and I like shopping. I like finding the latest fashions,  I like the environment of a well-designed shop and I love getting a deal. You don’t have to be as fanatical about this stuff as I am (I think the smell of a shop says a lot, and yes, that’s a weird thing to think about). 

Santa Paula Trading Co. was born out of a need that I was seeing in this city. Everywhere I went, men and women were talking about the lack of clothing store options in Santa Paula. My friends were driving to Ventura or Oxnard to do their shopping and out of that grew the desire to do something about it. 

Along with my amazing husband Chris, we decided it was time for a change. Time to pioneer a new kind of retail store in Santa Paula. The kind of store you would find on a fancy street, in some fancy city (Pasadena, I’m looking at you). But the difference is, we would have prices normal people could afford. You can find the kind of deal you tell your friends about. The kind of deal you will tell your grandkids about, and they will pass on to future generations. Maybe not the last part, but I’m telling you there will be good stuff, reasonably priced. Not only that, but we would adopt a model of resale that would cut down on the environmental waste being produced by “fast fashion” (Industry term for low-quality items, churned out quickly). So you can not only buy your items from us, but you can sell your (amazing, super-clean, almost-brand-new) clothing to get a little extra scratch. Because who doesn’t need more money? 

Besides my hunky husband, I reside with my two amazing kids and one (sometimes amazing) dog. I was born and raised in Santa Paula before moving to Ventura to start the family. I have experience in retail and a master’s degree in Organizational Psych. That’s a fancy way of saying I know how to organize stuff. 

Nine years ago, my husband and I started a church we called Catalyst. We wanted a space where people could be themselves, no matter where they came from or where they were at. Because that’s the kind of church we would want to go to (is that selfish? Sure, but our church is freaking amazing, so it’s fine). Catalyst calls Santa Paula home, and is full of the most honest and wonderful people I have ever met. Starting from scratch, we learned a lot about ourselves, and what it takes to create something brand new. We are bringing that same spirit, and the lessons learned along the way, to Santa Paula Trading Co. 

I hope you make the leap from website to a visit in our store. I would love to meet you in person, to find out what you want our store to be, and what you are really looking for. We will constantly be evolving to meet the needs of our community now, and into the future. 

See you soon!